Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Unloaded?

As many of you are aware the new administration is looking to ban a large list of weapons. The idea of including the long guns in this year's walk is so that the people can see some of the weapons heading toward the chopping block ; ask questions about not only the laws but the weapons themselves ; and see , through the use of open chamber/open bolt indicator , that law abiding gun owners are responsible and safety conscious. Why are most people for gun control? Fear. The only people they see with guns are the bad guys on the 5:00 news. Through peacefully walking and giving people the opportunity to educate themselves people will see that the vast majority of people are not "crazy gun nuts" but people just like themselves.
There is one issue that's come up that I feel the need to address : why we have rules. This walk has been posted on several forums with a positive response from 99% of the folks who have posted. One poster , however , feels that he should be able to walk with a loaded rifle with no safety. This walk is an educational walk first and foremost. Our community has been very welcoming of our first walk. The first walk went well because the walk was well organized , got plenty of local news coverage and was conducted with safety being it's first priority. Safety isn't anything new to any gun event that I've ever been to. I've been to gun shows and several machine gun shoots with my husband and I can tell you that rules were expected and respected. This event will be no different. If you feel that you can't follow some basic safety rules then do NOT come to this walk. Our only purpose is to educate people in the hopes that our 2nd amendment rights are not infringed on and make our community feel safe with us. If you want to walk around YOUR town with a loaded rifle then knock yourself out. Trying to do so in OUR community will not be welcomed or tolerated. We have ordered a number of safety devices for those who forget theirs or don't have one and each long gun WILL have one in place before the walk begins.
One final note , all are welcome to walk who are willing to follow our simple safety rules. This means that even if you don't own a gun or aren't comfortable open carrying you are certainly still welcome to walk in support. We hope to have another nice crowd of folks this year and you are all welcome to a gathering after the gather. -aileen

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